Sep 25, 2018

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Jun 7, 2018

The New Metal Prints

I have ordered 3 new metal prints to hang in the Wooden Spoon Bistro in Grand Forks, BC. 

May 30, 2018

The human body is not offensive!

Facebook is giving me a hard time and censoring my post about anti-censorship. The offending link is connected to this video. I am asking Facebook to review their policy on my link
I don't hold much hope though as it violates their terms:

My post:

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Reclaim your experience of human beauty! 
our naked body is not a crime. Is nude art photography obscene? 

–– A Video by David Bollt with an introduction by Christa Maier –– Many social platforms consider your naked body to be obscene. My husband says, "It's just Facebook, hunny"... But it is not just Facebook. This is the society that we live in. This is the climate of judgment and shame that you encounter when you share images of human nudity as art. 

It's punishable for you to share images from classic works of art or a figure drawing class or even a mother breastfeeding her child. Censorship on Facebook is just a reflection of the bigger battle you face when you draw, paint or photograph a naked human being. We do not create this body of nude art to shock, offend, or arouse a mindless lust. We create so that all of us may come to see our shared humanity as a miraculous work of art. What do you think? Is your naked body obscene? Is it a crime to share artistic images of naked humanity? Reclaim your experience of human beauty!

Christa Maier ---- Your human body is not a crime. It’s absurd for your naked body to be hidden behind censorship squares in order for it to be seen. It’s absurd to think of your naked humanity as something unnatural… It’s absurd to think of you (exactly as you are) as anything less than a true work of art. Your body has been shaped by the same creative dynamics that shaped the world. Your body has come from the same collective ground as the trees and the flowers that you see shining all around you... as they stand naked … and without shame. Your body has come from the same collective ground as the sun … and the moon … and the stars. The entire universe has acted in concert — from the beginning — to create the conditions for you to be here… exactly as you are. The only thing that is obscene in the contemplation of your naked humanity is the idea that you’re somehow obscene. The only thing that is perverted about celebrating human beauty as a work of art is the idea … that you should be ashamed to either enjoy beauty in others … or to be held as beautiful … in the eyes of others.

Whether you believe that you’ve been shaped by the conscious hand of god... or by the random self-organizing properties of a creative universe... either way, is it not miraculous that you’re even here? Is it not a miracle that there’s a human body through which you’re experiencing your life... right now? Wake up from the collective hypnosis that tells you that your naked humanity should be shamed or hidden from sight. Wake up from the hypnosis that would have you ashamed of appreciating the beauty of another human being. Wake up from the hypnosis that tells you (and has you telling yourself) that you are anything less than a miraculous work of art. You have the capacity to hold an infinite number of perspectives. And with the perspectives that you choose, you shape the world. What perspectives do you choose in relation to your own naked humanity? How do you choose to see yourself and others?

At Model Society, we invite you to reclaim your experience of human beauty. We invite you to see humanity through our eyes as something beautiful, wondrous and extraordinary. Without censorship and without shame, we invite you to celebrate and enjoy the miracle of the human form as a true work of art. To support our vision, please share this video, then go directly to to get on the list. We’ll send you a free issue of Model Society magazine that’s filled with images of humanity that are beautiful, inspiring, revealing and honest.

 ––– MODELING PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART BY ––– Balm in Gilead Art Photography, Thomas Holm Photography, Boris Mirkin / Kaos, Michele Fatarella, Glyn Davies, Laura Dasi, Pablo, Chuck, RuthAnn, Jason Matson, Andrey Stanko, Pavel Ryzhenkov, Sasha Onyshchenko, Eldiyar Daniyarov, Lavender Moon, Sven Ellirand, Ivory Flame, Schotzart, Alex B., Moniasse, Studio Phap, John McNairn, Patrick Webster, Arshae Morningstar, Matthew Scherfenberg, Dennis Largo Schulz, Eric Boutilier-Brown, Christopher Ryan, Cheshire Scott, Raphaella, Bill Earle, AJ Kahn, DML, RAS1, Tim Pile, Terry King, Pascal Renoux, Meghan Meredith, Abandoned Dream, Raphaella McNamara, Jean Jacques Andre, Blue River Dream, Michael Bilotta, Brooke Lynne, Rosa Brighid, Cam Attree, Kevin Stiles, Lorelei Black, Dr Colin Vickers, Elizaveta Kiseleva, Horacio Vásquez, Trinh Xuan Hai, LuLu Lockhart, Karen Jones, Maria Diaz, Ben Ernst, Vinny M., Axiaelitrix, NevaehLleh, Magicc Imagery, Michael V. Messina, Earth Bound Art, A Raw Muse, Shaun Tia, Nymph, Frida, Evie, Adrian, Dan West, Sonnie Marie, Christian Melfa, William Zuback, Marcus Jake

Feb 26, 2018

Northern Pygmy Owls

This image was a BC Ferries Wildlife Finalist in their 2018 contest. If you would like a print please contact me Kristina Hockley

Hoot has continued to return to its favorite aspen perch but this year showed up with a friend!

Northern Pygmy-Owls are monogamous, at least within one year's breeding season. Males attract females to their nest site by perching at the entrance and giving a tooting call. Only the female incubates, while the male hunts and brings food back to the female and the nestlings.

This collage art is printed and is on display in The Wooden Spoon in Grand Forks, BC
Boundary Landscapes & Owl $1,121(click here for more info on this piece)

Despite this bird's broad geographic distribution in western North America, it is one of the least studied owls on the continent. Its habitats range from deciduous bottomlands to high-elevation coniferous forests. They also live in cottonwood, aspen, and mixed-conifer forests. Their home range is up to 185 acres or 75 hectares and our ranch, Whistling Kettle is 214 acres.

Listen to the primary hoot and chitter calls of a Northern Pygmy owl.

These owls employ a 'perch and pounce' hunting tactic.They mostly eat small birds, such as hummingbirds, chickadees, warblers, and sparrows, as well as small mammals, including shrews, moles, and chipmunks. However, they occasionally attack prey much larger than themselves, such as Northern Bobwhite and California Quail. They also eat insects such as beetles, butterflies, crickets, and dragonflies, as well as reptiles such as lizards and skinks.

Barred Owl
Douglas and Grey Squirrel may predate on eggs and chicks


Northern Pygmy-Owls nest in holes in trees. They lay their eggs in the debris at the bottom of tree cavities, where there may be wood chips, decomposing leaves, or nests of other birds. Sometimes they add linings such as feathers, strips of cedar bark, and moss. Breeding birds begin to defend nest cavities and territories as early as late February. Breeding begins at one year of age, birds breed every year. The owls are rarely seen during the breeding season.


Clutch Size:2-7 eggs
Egg Length:1.0-1.3 in (2.5-3.2 cm)
Egg Width:0.9-1.0 in (2.2-2.5 cm)
Egg Description:White and glossy.
Condition at Hatching:
Covered in white down, with eyes closed.

The Northern Pygmy-Owl hunts mostly by day. They fly in an undulating pattern of rapid wing beats interrupted by closed-wing glides, similar to woodpeckers. The main predators of Northern Pygmy-Owls are larger owls and raptors as well as some mammals such as weasels. Small birds such as nuthatches, robins, crossbills, wrens, creepers, hummingbirds, blackbirds, warblers, and jays frequently mob Northern Pygmy-Owls as they do other raptors—this behavior seems particularly bold considering small birds are what pygmy-owls eat. Some people have suggested that the eyespots on the back of the Northern Pygmy-Owl’s neck help deter mobbing birds.


Phoo Chan has some fantastic shots of Northern Pygmy feeding from the San Mateo area

This article from the High Country News - Oregon has photos of a hand holding a Pygmy owl to illustrate its size or lack thereof. as well if you scroll to the next image you will see tiny owlets in a nest.

Feb 20, 2018

Wintertime in the Boundary Region

Granby Riverside - dawn in the cottonwoods 2018
Granby River - dawn 2018
Volcanic Brown's Cabin - over 100 years old