Oct 5, 2015

Head out for a hike and enjoy Autumn

Wow, the autumn is popping here in the Boundary Region of British Columbia! A grove of Aspens overlooking a field in our neck of the woods. 

Before you head out for a hike check out this neat page http://smokymountains.com/fall-foliage-map/ 
It shows where, and at what stage, the leaves are changing within the lower contiguous US states. 

Scroll down below the map to read about how and why the leaves change, and snag some coloring pages too. Who doesn’t love coloring? Especially next to a fire, sipping on a warm drink. Yay, fall!

Teach the kids the science behind why autumn leaves change their color? scroll down the map in the link above to see some really neat diagrams, explanations, and coloring pages you can print off. Use those to keep your children busy while you get your clear your memory card and clean your lens so you can take some gorgeous shots of fall. see examples below. You can find more pdf files to print in that link.

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