Sep 26, 2013

Community Futures' Portraits and Advice on Social Media Profile Photos

I had a great time this past summer updating the profile photos of our local Community Futures Group. 14 staff portraits completed at the site of Grand Forks' new Boundary Museum. They are a vibrant and fun group of people which made me sigh a little as sometimes working as an entrepreneur is a little lonely.

The headshots will be used on their website, community Linkedin page, and Facebook.

Screen Capture from Community Futures website - see above for link
Susan Green was one of the staff that was very pleased with the outcome and decided to buy a license to use her portrait on her linkedin page and facebook profile. Very nice of her to give a recommendation. Thanks Susan!

Two other staff, James and Andrea have used their portraits for Community Futures' page on Facebook.

A professional headshot is a good way to get noticed on social media. Clean background with a focus on the eyes. The goal for social media is to put a face to the name and the presence you give online. A side idea is to include a prop of what it is you do. For instance my current linkedin headshot is my camera and I. Although, I think my shot tells you what I do it won't help you recognize me around town! I'll have to redo my profile with perhaps my camera off to the side so the viewer can see my eyes! Add that to my to do list ;) Please contact me or call (250) 442-4285 to book a new social media headshot!