Aug 29, 2013

Into the Pacific for some wave shots

If I had any sense for my gear this shot wouldn't exist. Salt water isn't ideal for electronics. My passion for waves, surf, and the westcoast scenery took hold of me and I couldn't resist the temptations to capture the view. You see, I don't live on the coast anymore and although I savor every moment I am within reaches of the Pacific's watery grip I needed something to sustain me until the next time...

This evening shot is of Frank Island from South Chesterman. August's, relatively, warm temperatures, make hanging out in the Pacific surf tolerable. My wetsuit helped as well. I do have water resist armor on my gear but even then the unpredictability of waves keeps you on your toes. The camera was about 6 inches off the surface of the water to give a ocean's perspective.

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