Dec 7, 2012

Watershed Sentinel Article

A couple of months ago I was hiking the Granite Bluffs which is about 10km North of our ranch. I'm apart of group who is working at protecting this area. It's British Columbia crown land and the locals have been using it as popular hunting, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing rec spot. First Nations is in the midst of reclaiming the land as they see the Bluffs as sacred. They have performed ceremonies on top for centuries. A few members of our group wrote an article that was published by the Watershed Sentinel (December 2012 issue) and they asked me if they could use an image to illustrate the areas beauty. For more information about the Bluffs and more images can be seen in an early post as well as info on where and how the images were taken
Left: Granby Bluffs. Rt top:Sheer drop offs with amazing views. Rt bt: article in magazine
✫ Images from the Bluffs will be available soon on my website and I'll post a link. Please check back.

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