Dec 8, 2012

Fun on Instagram

UPDATE: In the middle of December Instagram announced some new terms and I haven't posted since then. Sad, they ruined a good thing! 

Here is a recent update of the news

I've been have been having lots of fun on Instagram lately. I bought an iPhone early this year as Apple's cameras finely became a resolution that I would be happy printing with. Taking shots with any non-DSLR seems a bit limiting after the choices that come with lens. Soon, I got the hang of it and the challenge turned into an opportunty to be more creative in my daily walk abouts. Sharing is a lot easier too. Instagram does a great job of it. The only draw back being the annoying spam and crap photos being posted. Seems to be a lot of noise on Instagram. I'm not looking for a huge followers base just quality people who post interesting shots so I can follow them and they can critique my photos.

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