Nov 19, 2012

U.S. Route 395 Photowalk

A recent photowalk along historical route 395 Kettle Falls to Colville in Washington State. All photos taken with my iPhone 4s except for first two of Kettle Falls Bridge.

Kettle Falls Bridges
Carries     BNSF Railway (north bridge)
SR 20/U.S. 395 (south bridge)
Crosses     Columbia River
Locale     Kettle Falls, Washington
Design     Steel cantilever
Opened     May 3, 1941

Very '80's retro!

Northern Dance Theatre Space

The light in this giant room was so intriguing!

Antique Jukebox for sale

If you want to learn...

plastic and glass

Windows-I have a thing for them.

Warehouse living

I was having a 'Flash Dance' warehouse living fantasy

Barmans Country Store
The Barmans store, right on Main St in the middle of Colville, has an assortment of things: a lot of antiques and collectibles, a few interesting food items (I've seen spruce jelly, and once bought some good Turkish spices), a good ice cream counter, and some used books in the upstairs. All in all it's a pretty interesting place.

230 S. Main Street - Barber

230 S. Main Street
Ricky Block/Barman’s

National Historic Register
Washington Heritage Register
Local Plaque Recipient

John Rickey was a local merchant
and active in local politics. The
original building was built in 1885
and blown up in 1892 to stop a fire
next to it from spreading. It was
replaced with the current building.

Bank of Colville

Local Plaque Recipient

The south half of the building
was the original Bank of Colville.
A year later, the north half was
added, using a similar design;
housing the Disheimer Building.
The buildings have been combined;
with Happy’s Hallmark
on the ground level and
apartments above.

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