Nov 16, 2012


Blessed am I to have two, healthy, children and be surrounded by their love. Their contributions to my life are enormous. Sometimes the kids don't seem like they see eye to eye. Somewhat natural since they are almost ten years apart and opposite genders. My children both have friendly, bright, and strong personalities. Negatively, this leads to disagreements where I hear a lot of talking over each other however, in the end, they appear to have a firm respect and understanding.  Ultimately, they love each other and I know there is a value to their connection. Sibling patterns that feel like weather in the house. Sun. Storm. Sun.

Below, photographs I made on a family vacation last May. We survived a wild, westcoast system in the Pacific Rim National Park. I've spent a lot of time on this coastline and I know you have to be prepared for any type of weather or have your credit card ready to bail out in a warm, dry, motel. Most of the visitors to the park used the motel option and packed up so fast during the storm that they abandoned bundles of expensive firewood as they fled. My kids were nervous listening to the wind howl and the rain pelt down but we were dry and snug inside our tent. The next morning the park was empty, peaceful, and we went to work as a team gathering up the firewood. Afterwards, we went down to the beach to enjoy the peaceful solitude and the storm waves. For the rest of the week we enjoyed better weather, warm firelight evenings, and great surfing.

Siblings © 2012 Kris Hockley
Connected © 2012 Kris Hockley

Dad teaching J and K swimming off to left. Chesterman Beach South

Hot tub time. J warming up. Pacific Rim National Park

My daughter has her own Nikon that she uses very creatively and I'm thrilled that she is interested in photography. While my partner and I were enjoying the surf, Kyra decided to document her brother's sugar induced high. He was taking a break from surfing and sand castle building and found my stash of coconut and carob bars bought at the local hippie shack. He's in full blown six year old boy mode here.

What do photographer children do in their spare time?

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