Nov 14, 2012

Ruth Bernhard - 101 years

copyright: The Ruth Bernhard Trust - excerpt from Between Art & Life Book 2000
A good friend of mine, Ed McCann, gave me a book called Between Art & LIfe back in 2006. I recently re-read the book and absorbed so much more of it this time around. Her life was amazing in its length, depth, and its ability to remain simple in world that's complexities threatened almost every direction she chose. Ruth managed to dodge and burn societies judgments about women in the workforce, bisexuality, and its pressure to follow a well trodden life path. The book is a stunning coffee table image pleaser, but, further it is worth reading and considering. She was original, genuine, feminine, and full of talent! I would have loved to meet her in person however our 32 years of overlap never had the fortune of a crossed path. Through the pages of this book I find myself now hoping for a parallel. Abebooks has many used copies to purchase and if you are in the Boundary Region and promise to give it back after your done you can borrow my copy!

Ruth Bernhard was a German-born American photographer. Wikipedia
Born: October 14, 1905, Berlin
Died: December 18, 2006, San Francisco

101 years is a good, life. Rest in Peace Ms Bernhard. Your contribution to photography and life is appreciated.

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