Nov 14, 2012

Digital to film? The gadget isn't the only thing that goes round!

I've purchased a few pieces of equipment through Photojojo and I love them. Today I noticed a gadget promoted by them through Twitter and I had to check it out. The link sent me to a news site and when I clicked through to what I thought would be the item I discover that it is in proto type mode. I guess the company is in the midst of raising money to manufacture the tiny projector. What really caught my attention is the concept of the digital instagram file being printed on film. I like the idea of seeing my instagram photos big and even better sharing them in person with people who are even half interested ;)

In a world of smart phones where megapixals are improving and displays are vivid and sharp no one appears to care to see images in any other format other than a display. I like prints... no wait... I LOVE prints. You can linger in front of them longer than the ADD phone displays and their distracting apps that are a click away. Instead of sharing the photos we can look at them together, in person, and talk about image meaning and content. As a photographer I get to hear your feedback and see how your mind and body is affected by the photographs. Especially important for photographers who have been hired for portraits to gain the valuable feed back and ques from their clients. Seems kind of backwards to print digital to film and project it back up on a wall though. Retro always trumps in the end :)

Modern camera: iPhone
Primary media: digital jpeg file
Viewing space: tiny screen


Secondary Media source: images on 35mm film mounted on a mini wheel.
New tool: mini projector (Projecteo $25)
Viewing space: Wall

Goal: save your neck as you twist your body to view the photos on the iPhone screen. A share might lead to a purchase of new art for your client. Now that smart phone better help you price your Instragram artwork wisely to pay off the Projecteo, iPhone, and film development costs ;)

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