Nov 21, 2012

Creepy like Halloween not Warm like Thanksgiving!

The 1926 ad was discovered by Flickr user Alan Mays, who regularly posts scans of quirky vintage finds.
As you may or may not know... I'm a city girl turned rural dweller. I share my yard with three, very personable, turkeys. I've lived vegan in the past and have replaced turkey with tofurkey ... My partner joked that we'd call our turkeys 'Thanksgiving', 'Christmas', and 'Easter' and frankly, I'm not sure what's more morbid those names or the poster above. I'm all for having your camera ready to capture life but you won't catch me documenting a lynching or slaughter ;) In fact, our turkeys survived our Canadian Thanksgiving which was last month! I have a feeling they'll all be celebrating Canada Day with us next summer.

To all my American friends and neighbours I wish you a safe, warm, and gobbly Thanksgiving. Snap a photo of all her relatives passing out after dinner!


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