Oct 29, 2012

Granite Bluffs in Fog and Rain

October 2012: fog and rain on the granite face
Granite Bluffs above Granby River, British Columbia---Click on the photo for more from this gallery
I was hiking along the Granite Bluffs today. Aside from the occasional air breaks from a passing loaded logging truck and a playful pack of ravens the area was quiet with only the wind passing by my ears . The ravens swooped in and out of the fog. Kind of eerie as sometimes the clever birds would just appear with out a sound and I'd sense there was something looking over my shoulder. I settled in to a groove trying to capture the essence of the fog and the trees that were disappearing and reappearing like illusions in a magic trick. Hope you enjoy them. Just a note for anyone who lives in the area. Rob Fleming, Environment critic (NDP) is touring the site tomorrow (Oct 30 from 1:30-2:30). Come out and show support for saving this beautiful, natural, site. There is an application and stakes are in for a 10,000 ton granite sample. In addition, BC Timber Sales has flagged out a clear cut of this area. A real shame as it is used by locals and their friends and family as a peaceful hiking spot. Excellent rock climbing, hunting, mountain biking, and PHOTOGRAPHY as well!

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