Oct 30, 2012

Panoroma with iPhone 4s and Nikon setup yesterday

Kettle Valley looking South with Granby River taken with iPhone 4s
I hiked up the Granite Bluffs yesterday to see the Autumn view. The larches are golden and I believe their needles will hang on until the next cold snap. It was windy on the cliffs and fog was quickly moving through the valley. Intermittent rain meant I had to be patient before removing the sophisticated garbage bag that protected my big Nikon. Recently, I narrowly escaped a liquid spill near my laptop so I invested in a super suit for my iPhone 4s that protects it against dust, rain, and anything else that Mother Nature could test it with. The updated operating system for the iPhone come with a pano setting for the 8mp camera. I really enjoy this feature and is definitely worth the update.

Waiting for the rain to stop. Garbage bag over camera on tripod
The ravens were entertaining and the solitude was relaxing. My gear survived another Canadian 'wet'coast adventure!

Granby River, North Fork Road, image reflects four shots made on the Bluffs in that particular location.

Oct 29, 2012

Granite Bluffs in Fog and Rain

October 2012: fog and rain on the granite face
Granite Bluffs above Granby River, British Columbia---Click on the photo for more from this gallery
I was hiking along the Granite Bluffs today. Aside from the occasional air breaks from a passing loaded logging truck and a playful pack of ravens the area was quiet with only the wind passing by my ears . The ravens swooped in and out of the fog. Kind of eerie as sometimes the clever birds would just appear with out a sound and I'd sense there was something looking over my shoulder. I settled in to a groove trying to capture the essence of the fog and the trees that were disappearing and reappearing like illusions in a magic trick. Hope you enjoy them. Just a note for anyone who lives in the area. Rob Fleming, Environment critic (NDP) is touring the site tomorrow (Oct 30 from 1:30-2:30). Come out and show support for saving this beautiful, natural, site. There is an application and stakes are in for a 10,000 ton granite sample. In addition, BC Timber Sales has flagged out a clear cut of this area. A real shame as it is used by locals and their friends and family as a peaceful hiking spot. Excellent rock climbing, hunting, mountain biking, and PHOTOGRAPHY as well!