May 20, 2012

Clayoquot and Pacific Rim National Park

Crow's Nest is off to play on the West Coast for 9 days. Research and relaxation with the family. Hope all our Canadian friends have a safe and happy long weekend!

May 16, 2012

Lynch Creek Bluffs

I hiked the granite bluffs North of Lynch Creek as my neighbors had told me about the beautiful views of the Granby Valley. The details up there were stunning!

Isn't it bad luck to hang a horseshoe upside down? I hiked up Lynch 200 to the top where BC Timber has harvested quite a bit of the forest. I would prefer to walk through an old growth forest but I'd also prefer to buy a renewable product like wood over a synthetic product like plastic. Timber has to come from somewhere and this time it was Lynch Creek in the Boundary Region of British Columbia.
Lynch 200 looking North towards the Granby Wilderness Spring 2012

Culvert under Lynch Creek 200 logging road
I'd like to see the logging roads decommissioned now that the re-seeding is complete. As I was coming down the mountain two men in hunting fatigues and a diesel pick-up truck were slowly exploring up the road. It would be nice to discourage activity in this area to those who use less destructive modes of transport.

*One tip I was given recently to identify these kind of trees is if the needles are very spiky then it is a Spruce. In reference to the image on the far left with the blue 'Boundary' ribbon.
An awkward teenage forest
Life grows tenaciously. She will bounce back as best she can.
The plastic markers are tied to the trees by BC Timber Sales so the logging company who was awarded the contract can identify cut block boundaries, waterways, seeding trees etc..

I'm hoping BC Timber Sales remove the ribbons at some point so they don't become synthetic garbage on the forest floor once the growing trees pop them apart.
New Larch Tree

Aspen with cut block markers

I believe this scat to be coyote. Always lots of fur so I gather that they are fictitious groomers. I found bear and deer poop along the hike as well.
Shooting Star

North American Stone Inc.,  is seeking a permit to cut trails into two locations in the Lynch Creek area and remove up to 10,000 tonnes of stone from both sites as a sample for their interest in granite for retail sale. The first site is 14.5 km north of the Hummingbird bridge, and the second is 50 metres after the turn off onto Lynch Creek Road, 10.5 km past the bridge. Some locals believe that North American Stone is classifying this job as a sample so they can get around having an environmental assessment done. Do they really need to extract 10,000 tonnes from these two sites to collect enough to sample? Sounds like the locals may be right!

The other piece in this is the locals and visitors use this area for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and mountain biking. Not to mention that the area is on the Boundary of the Gladstone Provincial Park which is home to the threatened Granby Grizzly and Mountain Goat.

For more information on this project click this link for an article in our regional online news source The Boundary Sentinel.

The work permit application to the City of Grand Forks doesn't include notification of local residents. You can contact the Ministry representative below to see what options you have.

Lynn Davis
By email:
Or by Canada Post: Ministry of Mines
1902-Theatre Road
Cranbrook BC V1C 7G1
 Fauna on Lynch Creek Granite Bluffs.

Left is a rock fern and right is a standing dead larch.

The Bearded moss often overtakes the branches
and literally holds the tree together in a haunting artful display.

The Bluffs will disappear if the City of Grand Forks approves
North American Stone's application for Granite samples.

If you'd like to see an environmental assessment completed and the proper channels taken then share this opinion with your area representative.

Creatures live there, wild flowers cling to life on the rock, trees have withstood decades of valley winds. The eco-system deserves our attention and serious consideration.

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