Dec 1, 2011

The Cattle have left Whistling Kettle Ranch

Crow's Nest Photography's home base is Whistling Kettle Ranch in the heart of the Boundary Region of British Columbia. We host cattle here twice a year and hay in the summer. 213 acres of beautiful, wild countryside with the pristine Granby river at the foot of the property. 

The cattle walk 2km up the road to the 'Long Ranch' where they will be enjoy huge round bales of hay until the spring grass shoots up in 2012.

Toni tried to entice the cattle out the day before with hay in the back of her pick-up truck but the cattle were reluctant to cross one of our bridges on the way out. Overnight we received significant snow fall so the next day Toni brought a friend and the two ladies on horseback successfully convinced the cattle to head home where their next meal would be waiting. Sometimes the good old fashioned ways work better. I think Toni prefers her beloved horse to her truck anyways!

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