Aug 22, 2011

Red Crow in Tofino

My quest for the elusive Crow in Tofino led me to the door step of Ann MacLeod whose family has called the town home for over a hundred years. She runs a B&B near the Botanical Garden and it looks rather inviting! Although she wasn't home to tell me stories the path that led past this crow led me to more and I ended up talking to a lovely lady who moved to Clayoquot Island in 1920 from her birth place in Victoria, BC. Imagine moving from somewhere so modern to the 'boat access only' back woods of Vancouver Island's wild coast! No electricity, no sewer, no roads or cars, and no WIFI! She said it was GREAT and she treasured her time there.

(Clayoquot Island aka. “Stubbs Island” sits off of Tofino directly to the west by a mile or so) 

Red Crow

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