Aug 21, 2011

BC's Economic Addiction

photo by Kyra Hogan and post by Kris Hockley © 2011

I was editing the photos Kyra and I took at the BC Seniors Games this past week and came across a photo that Kyra took in Trail of Teck Cominco's stack. I was focused on the games and the logistics of getting what I needed for my client. Teck happened to be one of the game's biggest sponsors. Kyra commented a number of times how the smelter was such an eye sore and how disgusted she was with the constant spewing of foul smelling smoke. So when I came upon her photo I decided to play on her thoughts and photo as a break from the photo editing. I turned the stack sideways and was immediately struck by a comparison of the addiction of smoking and the addiction of a community, town, province, country on a successful industry. The town currently depends on this company and the economic benefits as does my current hometown of Grand Forks and its big employer, Roxul. Human and environmental health is pushed aside and the companies bribe politicians and scientists (my speculation) and cloud the collective into believing its a good thing. Children can not safely play in the soil in Trail due to the amount of lead.

Short term gain long term pain! 

Kyra's original photo 

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