Aug 23, 2011

On the Edge in Île de la Cité

One of the many gargoyles on top of Notre Dame with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Most of the seven million people who visit the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris each year probably do not realize that the legendary gargoyles adorning this medieval masterpiece were not constructed until the nineteenth century. Crow's Nest was very comfortable in this roost!

On the Edge by Crow's Nest Photography -- Kris Hockley © 2009

Aug 22, 2011

Red Crow in Tofino

My quest for the elusive Crow in Tofino led me to the door step of Ann MacLeod whose family has called the town home for over a hundred years. She runs a B&B near the Botanical Garden and it looks rather inviting! Although she wasn't home to tell me stories the path that led past this crow led me to more and I ended up talking to a lovely lady who moved to Clayoquot Island in 1920 from her birth place in Victoria, BC. Imagine moving from somewhere so modern to the 'boat access only' back woods of Vancouver Island's wild coast! No electricity, no sewer, no roads or cars, and no WIFI! She said it was GREAT and she treasured her time there.

(Clayoquot Island aka. “Stubbs Island” sits off of Tofino directly to the west by a mile or so) 

Red Crow

Aug 21, 2011

BC's Economic Addiction

photo by Kyra Hogan and post by Kris Hockley © 2011

I was editing the photos Kyra and I took at the BC Seniors Games this past week and came across a photo that Kyra took in Trail of Teck Cominco's stack. I was focused on the games and the logistics of getting what I needed for my client. Teck happened to be one of the game's biggest sponsors. Kyra commented a number of times how the smelter was such an eye sore and how disgusted she was with the constant spewing of foul smelling smoke. So when I came upon her photo I decided to play on her thoughts and photo as a break from the photo editing. I turned the stack sideways and was immediately struck by a comparison of the addiction of smoking and the addiction of a community, town, province, country on a successful industry. The town currently depends on this company and the economic benefits as does my current hometown of Grand Forks and its big employer, Roxul. Human and environmental health is pushed aside and the companies bribe politicians and scientists (my speculation) and cloud the collective into believing its a good thing. Children can not safely play in the soil in Trail due to the amount of lead.

Short term gain long term pain! 

Kyra's original photo 

Aug 4, 2011

Crow's Nest will be traveling to Vancouver Island's West Coast August 6-13

We are about to take flight from our Boundary Region home base on August 6 and returning 15th of August. Crow's Nest is working on building its stock library and hoping to compose new artwork of the Westcoast's stunning landscapes. Below are two images taken on previous pilgrimages.
South Chesterman Beach 2006
North Chesterman Beach Crow, 2006
The photo of the crow above symbolizes the storytelling imagery. The Crow that appears and caws out to me with its stories of BC's past.

I grew up on the Northshore of Vancouver, BC but I'd consider Vancouver Island's Westcoast a second home. I'm sure many others feel the same way. If you mention Tofino at a party of Vancouver'ites you are bound to hear a few gasps and claims that it is the best place on earth. The organic fragrance, a mixture of salt, cedar, kelp, and moisture. The light quality as the sun dips down into the Pacific surf past Frank Island. Weather changes quickly and morning fog can pull back to reveal cloudless blue skies in hours. Bull whips, beached dog fish, sea urchins with arms outstretched in tide pools. Black rock islands, big and small, piercing through kilometers of fine beach. Sand dollars and other beach treasure await those who explore the tide lines. Boardwalks winding through old growth rainforests. Crows, cougars, eagles, seals, and even salmon shark! 
The westcoast is home to a story for me and it is a slow unraveling. I've had an interest in BC history all my life and my bookshelves are full of books that I pull down in reference as I travel around the province. In the last few years since I've moved to the Boundary region its been the focus and the 100+ year old log houses on our property are still shrouded in mystery. Still always on my mind is 1941/42 in Tofino area and one day I'll write down the story that swirls around my head like a can of alphabet soup. Each day, each new piece of information, each character that reveals a little more of itself to me the letters move into words and the story unfolds. I have contacts lined up to talk to in Tofino and photographs to capture.
Crow's Nest will be away August 6-15 and not available by phone. We will attempt to check in on email but won't have access to it on a regular basis. Please feel free to leave a message with contact info and best time of day to return the call on the 15th. 
Crow's Nest Photography