Jun 8, 2011

Early Summer Storms in the Kettle Valley

*** If the slideshow doesn't display a start button then simply click on the photo or this link and it should take you to Crow's Nest website were it is hosted. 

The slideshow has ambient sound so adjust your speakers for the thunder, rain, and meadow lark's song.

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I wasn't planning on photographing this afternoon. I heard the storm out my office window and the Meadow Lark call so I grabbed my jacket and camera. Perhaps storms are a reminder that even during dangerous, tumultuous, challenging periods if you open your eyes to the possibility ... something, often quietly, reveals itself to remind us of a larger message.

This slideshow is dedicated to my friend Colleen who is on a challenging journey and facing her own storm.

If you'd rather view on You Tube here is the link  http://youtu.be/_dFUx2txGVk

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