Apr 28, 2011

Spring in the Valley

11April_HighlandCalf_001Highland Cow and her newborn

I've been admiring Spring in the valley. Close by our place is a ranch with Highland Cattle and their hardy herd has reason to celebrate. A new member! A sweet, furry, little creature that is so adored by its family. This ancient breed is quite fascinating and if you don't know much about them then you should take 2 minutes to read this article

Below is a snippet from the article that I found interesting as the Highland Cattle have similar characteristics which I admire in the crow.

“While Highland cattle have many virtues, they also offer challenges in some respects. They are smart. Way too smart.Uncanny smart,” says Clothier-Rice. “And staggeringly athletic. The combination of great intelligence, naturally intense curiosity, awareness of detail, and athletic ability means that it’s not only not easy to fool a Highland, but they are capable of simply leaving a troublesome situation by vaulting over the nearest fence. This humbles us and reminds us that they do what we ask them to do and stay where we ask them to stay not because we have removed all other options—they do so because they feel like doing so. The moment cooperating no longer makes sense to them, they can and do take advantage of options they’ve had all along!”