Mar 31, 2011

Fine Art, Limited Addition, Mounted Print Available

13 1/2
'13 1/2 in Secret Cove'
Limited addition signed by artist $750 CAD

This photographic print is mounted to 1/8" thick acrylic (laser trimmed in five panels for a total of 30" long and 5" in height). Fusing print and acrylic, the process produces a polished edge.

Mar 26, 2011

Reaching Out - Lessons from a Pre-Schooler

I am currently on the road photographing in California with my family. I was capturing the wildlife along the coastline on a stormy Sunday afternoon and turned about to take a look for the where abouts of my family when I noticed my son sitting on a park bench talking to a stranger. At first the older gentleman seemed to play like he was ignoring him and I wondered whether to intervene and draw my son away. Then I noticed the man turn and take more of an interest. Then it seemed a connection took place and the two of them really took off in a dialog about something (I couldn't quite hear over the commotion of the shore birds). There really was no need to interrupt they were doing just fine. An important reminder to me the importance in learning to how to strike up a conversation with a stranger. A skill that could lead you to new opportunities, new friends, knowledge, and generally a healthy feeling that the world is friendly, accepting, place. The older man's family was ready to go before we were but before he left he insisted that his wife take a photo of the two of them on the bench. Apparently he didn't want to forget the moment either.

Mar 17, 2011

Industrial Product Shots

Crow's Nest Photography was in Boundary Electric's shop last week doing some product shots of custom built sub station destined for Northern Saskatchewan. This substation is gigantic and the shop is a busy place. The mixed lighting was tough on colour balance but all in all the shoot went very well. Boundary Electric's building and history is very interesting. It is a family run business founded in 1947 by the current president's grandfather and these days the generational corporate succession is unusual. The main shop is the region's retired railway round house similar to the round house located in Yaletown (Vancouver, BC).


Mar 10, 2011

Black Bridge over the Kettle River

My son had asked me if we could walk over and explore around a bridge the locals call 'Black Bridge'. I've heard it's a hang out for the local high-school and judging from the graffiti underneath I'd guess that to be true. It's winter right now but come summer this old railway bridge is popular as a jumping off point into the Kettle River. Aside from a few crows and a lone eagle it was pretty quiet this March afternoon.

Under the Black Bridge in Grand Forks, BC
Below Black Bridge
Ready on the Black Bridge
Above Black Bridge

Mar 1, 2011

Patience and Ravens: a challenging story starring a 300mm lens

1102 WKR Raven in Larch
Raven in Larch - Winter © Kris Hockley 2011
1102_WKR_Raven in Aspen
Raven in Aspen - Winter © Kris Hockley 2011
For the past 5 days I have been admiring the Ravens, North American Crows, Bald and Golden Eagles, and Magpies. Our ranch, Whistling Kettle, has had a blanket of snow for 4 months now and last night another few inches fell. I didn't just name my business after crows because I live close to the Crowsnest Hwy #3... I am in love with these beautiful, curious, creative, extremely intelligent birds.

The shots above are of ravens a relative of the crow. At some point I should invest in a 800mm lens which will allow me better access to these shy, reserved birds. I'm lucky to get a shot. Seriously, they are not like Vancouver crows which are practically social, city pets. If ravens don't see you, they hear you and will take off to find a perch of solitude somewhere else. Their vocal sounds are bizarre to say the least and have sent chills up my back at times.

David Suzuki, my life long hero, made an amazing HD documentory on crows in September 2010.

Some Info about Ravens
Habitat: Coniferous, mixed forests; coastal, agricultural areas.
Diet and Behaviour: Omnivorous, feeding on whatever available. Specializes in scavenging on large carcasses, descending on road kills, but also kills rodents, robs nests, feeds on insects. Highly intelligent, cautious; follows predators, hunters to take advantage of easy meal. Carries, hides food for future needs. 
Pairs, groups cavort in aerial displays.
Voice: Varied calls include harsh croak, liquid bell-like sounds, screamed kraaah, metallic rattles.
Did you know? Crows and ravens are always at odds. Ravens raid crow nests. Crows often swoop down on ravens while attempting to chase them away.