Dec 2, 2010

Northern Pygmy Owl visits the Whistling Kettle Ranch

Northern Pygmy owl at Whistling Kettle Ranch
© Kristina Hockley 2010

This time last year we were doing the final touches on the house before moving from our rental in Grand Forks. Official move in day was December 15. We were so caught up in the bigger details of renovation and setting up our family in its new home that we didn't get truly appreciate the natural wonders surrounding us. This year it's like seeing things with fresh eyes. Grant spotted this tiny owl perched in our Aspen just outside the parameter fence. I would have dismissed it as a leaf. The delicate owl is that little. Fortunately, it was not a shy or jumpy bird so I was able to get a little closer once I had my snow gear on. This shot was hand held at f7.1  300mm focal length at ISO 800