Nov 10, 2010

No one gets it done alone - inspiration from a friend

My lunch                                     © Kristina Hockley 2010

Lately I have been inspired back to health by a new friend Teralee Trommeshauser who is also starting a business Real Life, Real Health. When I met her at a conference in Nelson I was compelled to ask her what she did to keep such a healthy glow. She definitely practices what she preaches and if her health is any indication of her talent to coach she will no doubt be successful in her business venture. Teralee, has reminded me of my belief in nutrition as a way to support every aspect of my life and that it must be accompanied by a healthy, active lifestyle. As a photographer who is busy putting a business plan together and trying to balance out my time as a mother and wife I find little time left for anything else. Alas what will a career or family be worth with out my health both mentally and physically? For now I will relay on inspiration from Teralee, her health investment, her new business, and her adventurous stories to plant my own seeds of change and finding balance. Her business name, Real life, Real Health is perfect in my mind. Thank you Teralee... no one gets it done alone! Hope I find myself giving back to you one day soon.

Lunch today was caramelized onions with tofu on top of hummus and sesame rice crackers. Topped with grape tomatoes, deli sprouts,avocado, and cracked black pepper. It was delicious an full of flavors! My four year old son wouldn't touch this lunch for any convincing reason. I'm hoping all my ohhh and ahhhss  might one day make him consider a bite.

In addition the wealth of information on Teralee's blog you can read more of her thoughts on Twitter @Teraleet

She will be open for business soon and her coaching might help you to reach your health goals and or at least help you plan a path to health.

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