Nov 27, 2010

I went out to photograph the cattle leaving our property as the snow is getting too deep for grazing. Due to a stray cow I ended up driving the herd to the Long's Ranch on foot with nothing but my telephoto lens that might have appeared to the cattle as some new, strange, object to be feared and avoided :) I guess my yipping and loud hand whistle helped too. Good work out as it's a 4 km return trip. Usually, my friend does the driving on horseback but she mentioned it was too slippery for the horses which I could see as the cows were slipping on the road if they went too fast. My friend and her truck were stuck back at my place trying to herd the lone cow to catch up and join its friends. No luck and by the time they were done I'd already pushed the cattle up to their ranch. Not too much hard work though as the cattle were mostly motivated by the tractor with hay leading the way and their desire to stay as a group.

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