Nov 6, 2010

Anyone want to buy a tinker toy sculpture?

My son, Jack, requested a new tinker toy sculpture. He likes to play the art supplier. He inventories the pieces and instructs me to ask him if he has any (insert whatever piece is to be used next) and he passes it over. When I felt the sculpture was complete he passed me an invoice :) 

He told me, "I better get a good price for this sculpture to pay off his invoice!"

Since it was minutes before bed he gathered his flashlights (his other favorite toy right now).

I said, "well, first we have to clean up the toys."

to which he replied, "Can you take a picture so we won't forget it". 

"Ok, sure!" I say happily.

 We weren't exactly on time for bed. Oh well.

One of the greatest reasons I love being a Mom is a joyful return to free play.

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