Oct 17, 2010

Beaver logging along Granby River

Our friend Mike is visiting from South Korea and I was showing him around Whistling Kettle Ranch. I noticed a Cotton Wood tree was missing down by the river. You see you get used to the landscape like a city skyline. I was unaware that we have beavers on the Granby River. We are used to them in the creek and there are many daming it up at various points. A fairly ambitious project to dam the Granby! None the less here was this massive tree down and it was very apparent that one or many beavers have been busy taking chunks to either stock their winter pantry or help fortify their walls. Mike took a pic of me pretending to be a beaver :) 
a work in progress
already hauled away the top of the tree

kinda dry with an earthy taste
meticulously gnawed. Circular marks and tons of wood chips at the base.

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