Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Jack on Halloween © Kristina Hockley 2010

What it means to be a rural photographer

Being a rural photographer means never having to drive to capture nature's bounty. The pace is slower and you have more time to ponder. The internet speeds are also slower too (some neighbors are still on dial up!). We have no cell phone signal and we revert to using walkie talkies to communicate on our 213 acres. There are very little distractions or busy backgrounds in my outdoor images but I ALWAYS have to wear boots unless I want to return with soggy, cold feet. Best of all when you return to your work station from a coffee break you sometimes have company siting on your laptop. Aren't crickets supposed to bring luck? Hopefully!

Oct 23, 2010

Portraits can happen anywhere anytime

Portraits don't have to be in a studio with special lights. You don't have to set aside a chunk of time and worry about outfits. Life as it is. Pure and Simple.

This shot of Anik is from 2006 while at a birthday party. It was a candid photo as she was perched on someone's hip while they were engaged in conversation that she couldn't participate in ;) It is definitely not an ideal situation for a portrait as the background was cluttered and she wasn't facing the natural light coming in through the window. A good challenge and it turned out pretty well all things considering. Studio portrait can't be replaced but life moments don't have to be completely overlooked because after all they happen a heck of a lot more often :)

Oct 21, 2010

A weekend with the family

Go Annie B!
Mom and Kyra enjoy a walk with Jack and my parent's new dog, Annie in the distance

My daughter and my Dad

Jack had everyone joined up like a train.

This fall has been amazing. The trees are stunning! Fresh air abounds!

Hang'n by our river.

Annie B

River earth is healthy but that doesn't mean it's tasty!

Oct 17, 2010

Beaver logging along Granby River

Our friend Mike is visiting from South Korea and I was showing him around Whistling Kettle Ranch. I noticed a Cotton Wood tree was missing down by the river. You see you get used to the landscape like a city skyline. I was unaware that we have beavers on the Granby River. We are used to them in the creek and there are many daming it up at various points. A fairly ambitious project to dam the Granby! None the less here was this massive tree down and it was very apparent that one or many beavers have been busy taking chunks to either stock their winter pantry or help fortify their walls. Mike took a pic of me pretending to be a beaver :) 
a work in progress
already hauled away the top of the tree

kinda dry with an earthy taste
meticulously gnawed. Circular marks and tons of wood chips at the base.

Oct 16, 2010

Just relax and have fun

© Kristina Hockley 2010

 Kyra is a great model because she has no inhibitions in front of the camera. She doesn't think much more than creatively what we could do next. She doesn't fret about which side is her best or whether she has lint on her clothes. Best thing you can do as a model or subject is relax and have fun. Delete buttons were invented for a reason ;)

Oct 2, 2010

Nelson, BC

I was at a weekend business meeting in Nelson and thoroughly enjoyed the town. The people are creative and motivated by their lifestyle. Due to the huge body of water (Kootenay Lake) Nelson is often hunkered in with clouds similar to what I grew up with on the North Shore of Vancouver. Thanks to Nat and Shane for hosting me and to the group at KAST for the useful info.

Nelson City Hall
© Kristina Hockley 2010

Hume Hotel, Nelson BC
© Kristina Hockley 2010