Jun 17, 2010

The Metro in Paris

One of my personal all time favorite shots. If I could push one shot forward to NG then it would be this one. It represents the serendipity, the magic, the mystery that unfolds when you stop looking and just flow. All the practice, patience, time pays off. The image is one of the truest examples of my work as I want it to be.

Good to reflect and remember what I'm out there capturing.



Jun 16, 2010

Help Protect the BC Coastline

I have created a gallery on my Flickr site to display photos of oil spill. As you look at them imagine how an oil spill could effect BC's Coastline.

Included on the site is a form letter that would take less than 5 minutes to write 3 key contacts in the Canadian government to tell them that you want them to take measures to protect our coastlines.

Our coastal communities, wildlife, and unique fauna is worth it!

Follow this link:

Activate - a gallery on Flickr

PS if you want to see a live update site on how many birds, turtles, and sea mammals have been effected by the Gulf oil spill check this site out http://dailydeadbirds.com/

Thank you,