Jun 24, 2009

Baby Tristan

Baby Tristan
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Soaking up the scent of baby Tristan who joined the outside world at 1:10am of June 23.

Jun 12, 2009

Paris Apartment for 4 days

Paris Apartment
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While traveling with my Nikon we stayed in a fantastic apartment in Pairs for four days. I had posted on Craigslist a few months back, spent four or so hours researching all the responses, features, locations, and then decided on one that fit into our budget. We paid well below hotel prices and enjoyed all the comforts of home as it is a home. The couple had gone traveling themselves and were happy to make a little money on their newly renovated apartment. Faith worked in both of our circumstances. This apartment was everything Paris in style and efficiency. The view was outstanding and at our door step was a quiet street full of local vendors. 2 minutes from metro line that would get us everywhere.

Jun 10, 2009

Art Motif at Granville Island

Railway Alley in Granville Island never fails to have some new treasure to admire. Street Photography is one of my favorite all time pleasures and it doubles as fodder for location scouting. I lived in this city for 35 years now and never grow sorry calling it home.

Jun 3, 2009

Accordionist in Holland

We took a sunshine break and sat down on the bricks outside Amsterdam Centraal. I was carried away by the piano accordion to another timeless place and thankfully our schedule allowed me to hang there for a while. These performers seemed to be pleased to have me capture them and although we spoke no language in common our friendly smiles and laughter filled the distance between us. Unfortunately they did not have email. Only mobile phones and I wished there was some way to send their portraits to them. Anyone know if it is possible and cheap to send photographs by mobile?