May 20, 2009

Champs-Élysées Curb

I felt really grumpy a couple nights ago. My new Gorilla Pod that I bought to go backpacking with turned out to need a lot more practice than I thought. I regular tripod would prove to cumbersome so I thought this Gorilla Pod would be perfect. Well...I think it would be more useful if I had a ball head to go with it. Every time I adjusted the frame the pod would loosen and slip. Not to mention I couldn't grip it to anything to get a portrait aspect instead of landscape format. I sat down on the curb in despair as I felt I was missing an image that I might never get another opportunity to shoot again. Then I remembered another time when I used the curb (for lack of anything else to stabilize with) and it worked out great. I was losing light fast and I wanted to use the polarizing filter and low ISO to punch out the sky so I was really grateful for anything that would help keep the camera still during a burst of 5 exposures set 1/3 apart. Used the 5 photographs to make this dynamic image. Thanks to Grant for being so patient with me! All worked out in the end.

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