May 26, 2009

Nimes, France

Nimes, France
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Roman conquest in Gual. We were lucky enough to be staying the day of a local competition. This was for real. One of the guys was unfortunately seriously injured. Three punctures in the near groin! Thankfully he will be ok. Nimes, France was an amazing place to visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Roman History. Photographically amazing opportunities! Local are very friendly and helpful. For more photos of the competition go to my flickr site by clicking to enlarge the photo.

May 23, 2009

Marseilles Net Patcher

©Kristina Hockley 2009 "Marseilles, France"

Two man boat catching fish for the market. His partner was carrying their catch onto the dock while this man was patching the net.

Red Shoes of Nimes

© Nimes, France 2009 by Kristina Hockley

May 20, 2009

Champs-Élysées Curb

I felt really grumpy a couple nights ago. My new Gorilla Pod that I bought to go backpacking with turned out to need a lot more practice than I thought. I regular tripod would prove to cumbersome so I thought this Gorilla Pod would be perfect. Well...I think it would be more useful if I had a ball head to go with it. Every time I adjusted the frame the pod would loosen and slip. Not to mention I couldn't grip it to anything to get a portrait aspect instead of landscape format. I sat down on the curb in despair as I felt I was missing an image that I might never get another opportunity to shoot again. Then I remembered another time when I used the curb (for lack of anything else to stabilize with) and it worked out great. I was losing light fast and I wanted to use the polarizing filter and low ISO to punch out the sky so I was really grateful for anything that would help keep the camera still during a burst of 5 exposures set 1/3 apart. Used the 5 photographs to make this dynamic image. Thanks to Grant for being so patient with me! All worked out in the end.

Louvre Lady

Louvre Lady
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The Metro in Paris

The Metro in Paris
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Paris Métropolitain Stations are currently undergoing a revamp. This above ground station is completed and adorned with giant ads.

May 9, 2009

Vancouver's new convention center

HDR can vary quite a bit...from subtle to almost illustrative. I'm pushing it right now as it is still quite new to me. This HDR came from a combination of five exposures.

May 7, 2009

Gateway to Canadian Pacific Port

My friend Ed told me if you want good photographs you have to take chances. Use your two legs and move to make composition and fill the frame. Worry about what you didn't capture rather than how or where you got the shot. So I took his advice on this shoot and was lucky... I realized that most likely after 9/11 there were restrictions on photography around the Port of Vancouver but I managed to fit in an hour before security showed up and told me I wasn't allowed. Now I don't feel like anything I shot that day is top secret so I don't feel bad about being there. I do feel that showing the beauty of industry is a good idea as it is such a big part of our urban/Pacific environment. Thanks Port of Vancouver.

May 5, 2009

Shanty in Coal Harbor

Vancouver's Coal Harbor used to be full of one room cabins like the one in my pic... floating homes in what is now VERY expensive waterfront. In the lock down zone for the upcoming Olympics.