Dec 12, 2008

Langara Class shots

Creative Studio shots

©Kristina Hockley 2008

©Kristina Hockley 2008

'Jake' ©Kristina Hockley 2008
© Kristina Hockley 2008
©Kristina Hockley 2008
©Kristina Hockley 2008

Nov 28, 2008

City Fish Market

With darkness descending at 4:30 pm these days why not embrace it with some night photography

Nov 1, 2008

We all draw our inspiration from experience I guess...

Unintentionally... but perhaps subconsciously... I asked this young model to pose head turned to camera. After downloading I figured out what I was envisioning! The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

S.A. by © Kristina Hockley

Aug 10, 2008

Time Alone

Time Alone
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This shot was worth the planning involved in getting couple out to the floating dock. We laughed...I got gear and the couple stayed dry!

Aug 7, 2008

Sunflowers and Ash

Sunflowers and Ash
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We can turn an ordinary photo into something a little more unique... two toned photos can be transfered onto a variety of surfaces like glass, wood, ceramics, rock, canvas. Uptown's creativity and imagination is at your service. Contact us for a quote on your next project or gift!


Originally uploaded by UptowninVantown
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Jul 4, 2008

Ben the growing Mastiff puppy


Pet portraits $250 

DVD of high resolution images as well as a enlargement up to 16"x20"

Gift certificates available


May 29, 2008

Axel the Crow

                                      © Uptown Photo 2008

Roof top 1201 West Pender Street

May 15, 2008

Where you'll find me during the daytime...

Evenings and weekend... Uptown Photo