Jul 29, 2005

Webnews Spreads as Fast as Fire

This morning I awoke to a bloated inbox from the photos I posted last night regarding the fire on Kingsway.

Robin, a flickr enthusiast posted lots of excellent photos of the fire expertly catching the crews and rays of light! He even caught me! Thanks Robin :)

Darren Barefoot, a fellow blogger, artist, and photographer was curious about the where abouts of the fire and found my site on a search and posted a link to my site. Thanks Darren...you appear to have quite the readership!!! I've added you to my favorite blogs as your site is really interesting.

Doug Murray, a CBC Webjournalist contacted me about the photos and has posted my photo along with his story on the CBC regional news site. Thanks for your interest in my photography Doug and I look forward to meeting you and exploring the endless capabilities of the Nikon D70s! Check out his photos of Wednesday's Fire of Light...excellent!
photo above by Robin Thom

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  1. Happy to oblige--great photos! I may have been accidentally responsible for the CBC call too, as I know some folks from CBC Vancouver read my site.