Jul 9, 2005

Best friends aboard the Pallada by ©Kristina Hockley

Though their homeport is in Vladivostok, which is on the far eastern coast of Russia, Pallada voyages world wide with 143 cadets and a permanent crew of 56 officers, teachers, and professionals. With twenty-six sails and masts soaring 162 feet above the deck, Pallada combines traditional sail training with a modern maritime college curriculum. If you would like to join the crew: Contact: Evgeny N. Malyavin, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, 52-B, Lugovaya Street, Vladivostok 690950 Russia
Tel: +0117 42 32 44-03-06Fax: +011 7 42 32 44-24-32 .

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