Jul 31, 2005

The Bats of Deas Island, BC

Deas Island Summer Evening looking Northwest

Deas Island - Greater Vancouver Regional Park

Ok so I didn't exactly get any steller shots of bats...they are fast creatures to capture. We had a great time though! GVRD Programs are well worth it.

Jul 29, 2005

Destruction in Cedar Cottage Neighborhood from Fire last Night

photos by ©Kristina Hockley

photos by ©Kristina Hockley
What a mess! Somebody forgot to shut off the water in the upstairs apartment as it poured through cracks and added to the eeriee feeling.

photos by ©Kristina Hockley
This apple from the produce store survived the fire but the upstairs resident's cat wasn't so lucky. SPCA had a trap set up on top of the burnt out building in hopes that the cat had jumped out.

photos by ©Kristina Hockley
view of the destruction from the alley. I spotted at least six insurance adjusters roaming the site with clipboards.

photos by ©Kristina Hockley
Somebody's home isn't so sweet anymore.

Webnews Spreads as Fast as Fire

This morning I awoke to a bloated inbox from the photos I posted last night regarding the fire on Kingsway.

Robin, a flickr enthusiast posted lots of excellent photos of the fire expertly catching the crews and rays of light! He even caught me! Thanks Robin :)

Darren Barefoot, a fellow blogger, artist, and photographer was curious about the where abouts of the fire and found my site on a search and posted a link to my site. Thanks Darren...you appear to have quite the readership!!! I've added you to my favorite blogs as your site is really interesting.

Doug Murray, a CBC Webjournalist contacted me about the photos and has posted my photo along with his story on the CBC regional news site. Thanks for your interest in my photography Doug and I look forward to meeting you and exploring the endless capabilities of the Nikon D70s! Check out his photos of Wednesday's Fire of Light...excellent!
photo above by Robin Thom

Jul 28, 2005

Lynn Valley Canyon and Suspension Bridge

©Kristina Hockley

Some suspension bridge crossers hold on (for dear life) others simply enjoy the view.

Trails around the park

We all fall sometimes... photo by ©Kristina Hockley

Kingsway on Fire!

water running from fire

snake pit in front of fire

Stores on Kingsway threatned by fire...

©Kristina Hockley
This store on Kingsway may need to buy a ticket for the lottery...it's next door to the five alarm blaze.

photo by ©Kristina Hockley

Hose leads west on Kingsway.

Serving with Pride: Vancouver Fire Fighters to the Rescue of Kingsway Residents

Eastside Residents Amazed by Fire's Strength

©Kristina Hockley

Jul 24, 2005

Summer Lantern Festival at Trout Lake in Vancouver, BC

©Kristina Hockley
Ilumination Festival 2005 at Trout Lake, Vancouver.

Tasty treats at the Lantern Festival

Jul 14, 2005

Moments and generations in the Kaweski Family...by ©Kristina Hockley

A mini Kaweski

A Branch of the Kaweski Clan

Jul 10, 2005

by ©Kristina Hockley

Don't miss the Mexican Navy at Jericho...the best ship and crew at the Festival!

Jul 9, 2005

Best friends aboard the Pallada by ©Kristina Hockley

Though their homeport is in Vladivostok, which is on the far eastern coast of Russia, Pallada voyages world wide with 143 cadets and a permanent crew of 56 officers, teachers, and professionals. With twenty-six sails and masts soaring 162 feet above the deck, Pallada combines traditional sail training with a modern maritime college curriculum. If you would like to join the crew: Contact: Evgeny N. Malyavin, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, 52-B, Lugovaya Street, Vladivostok 690950 Russia
Tel: +0117 42 32 44-03-06Fax: +011 7 42 32 44-24-32 .

History isn't always pretty but it's honest

Street Pedicure

Jul 8, 2005

Dedicated Fans watch the Parade of Sails around Vancouver's Harbor

Mosquito Boat

photography by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

Not just tall ships but long ships

Hide your Woman and Treasure

a photograph by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

A Pirate Escaped from the Lady Washington!

Sea Vancouver Sailor

Either a Sailor or a young Sinatra...either way he'll win your heart.

photo by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

Two Tall Ships in the Parade of Sails

photo by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

Background: The 270-foot long Cuauhtemo represents the Mexican navy from its home port of Acapulco.

Foreground: The current Lady Washington is a full-scale reproduction of an original wooden brig built in 1750 and is the largest square-rigged sailing vessel on the Pacific Coast.

photograph by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

Who can resist the thought of feeling the weight of ship from the Captain's wheel?

Sea Vancouver at Maritime Point

photograph by Kristina Hockley owned by ©Sea Vancouver

The beauty of a tall sail...like a candy cane dream. Catch the wind and take me to your far away life...a time when you stood proud and the seas knew no end.

Sea Vancouver - Summer Festival

photographed by ©Kristina Hockley

Enroute to Sea Vancouver on the Aqua Bus