May 2, 2005

Gnarly Gnines 2005

photos and blog by Kristina Hockley

Grant of Vancouver Team Bogey

Gnines is a one day tournament. Each team is limited to 9 individuals, 5 male and 4 female. 9 games to 9 points in 10 hours. This is truly a grueling tournament! Hosted by Bellingham Ultimate at the Skagit River Soccer Park, Burlington, WA.

Players on Vancouver team Bogey

Terry - talented and handsome!
Dave launching up field to Julie who is off frame next to the female player in photo

photo by Kyra Hogan
Jeremy is an extremely intense player...he believes in all or nothing!

Opponent called foul citing that Jeremy stripped him of the disc. Why don't we let the photo be the judge of it!

Luke - The mentally challenged player

Intense defense by Julie

Unknown players entertained on sideline

photo by Kyra Hogan Denise - Co Captain

Iron wall defense by Grant

Unknown players

Inspired daughter, Kyra

photo by Kyra

Team Bogey Mascot - dreaming

Thanks to the Bellingham Ultimate Club for organizing this fun annual tournament

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