Apr 27, 2005

Riding the Slides

photo by Grant and blog by Kristina Hockley
Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park
Chris Tretwold, a native of Bellingham, expertly glides the rapids. These 10 knot rapids on Saturday were warm up exercises for him as on Monday 13+ knots were expected to surge through the narrows!

Tackling it head on


Chris has reported that Monday's 13+ knot tide were fantastic! His unexpected highlight came on the paddle back to Egmont after dark.

"The bio-luminescence flashing from the wake of our kayaks and the swirls of our paddle strokes made it a very memorable experience."

You earned it Chris...the magic. Rewards come to those who 'jump in'!

Apr 26, 2005

Apr 21, 2005

Your edges are so beautiful...how could I not stop and stare?

Photograph by Grant Burnard

Earth's neighboring moon admired from Vancouver, British Columbia

On a walk with my Lover

Photograph by Grant Burnard
North Dock at Troutlake, Vancouver, Canada

Versatile in Vancouver

Photograph by Kristina Hockley
Young Vancouver Girls are all about Style and Sports!

Coming to a Theatre Near You

Ready and Waiting--a photo by Kristina

The wonderful world of TGIF, a youth theatre group, based out of an elementary school in Vancouver. I was asked to take mug shots of the young actors for their presentation next Thursday night.

Photograph by Kristina Hockley
Two young Vancouver Actors

Night time with a long pause...

Photograph by Grant Burnard

a long exposure, creative eye, and a beautiful night

Grant captured the night sky from our back deck in Vancouver

Apr 19, 2005

How far can you stick out your tongue???

photo by Kristina

Glaucous Gulls are among the most predatory of all the seagulls. It is an active hunter that captures birds, small mammals, and fish... oh yes and French Fries at Granville Island.

Apr 4, 2005

Downtown Vancouver from Capital Hill in Burnaby

photo and editing by Kristina

Vancouver is a visually impressive city with its varied landscapes. This view is angled from Capital Hill, a neighborhood in North Burnaby. April is an exciting month with its cherry blossoms, daffodils, and transition into longer days. Vancouverites return to their evening jogs along the seawall in preparation for the Vancouver Sun Run. Easter's feasts and treats have come and gone as we look forward to a Mother's Day Brunch or Victoria Day long weekend. Forgive the rain as it puddles our city's forecast... I have to laugh at the number of ways Enviroment Canada can describe a rainy day!