Nov 7, 2005

Losing Light at Four O'Clock

Losing Light at Four O'Clock by ©Kristina Hockley

16:42 the sun sets. Photo view: Looking South over Vancouver's False Creek.
Granville Bridge on left.

Stanley Park in November

photography by ©Kristina Hockley
Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC

Amanitas Mushroom (select text to left for more information on this mushroom)

Seagull Yoga on Thirdbeach

Seagull Yoga on Thirdbeach by ©Kristina Hockley

Stanley Park, Vancouver BC

Sep 24, 2005

Chain Gang by ©Kristina Hockley

Stanley Park Playground, Vancouver, BC

Chain Gang II by ©Kristina Hockley

Wired History by ©Kristina Hockley

Pender and Homer Streets, Vancouver

Autumn in Vancouver, BC

Maple Sea by ©Kristina Hockley

Stuck in the Fall by ©Kristina Hockley

Sep 17, 2005

Whistler Marmot -photograph by ©Kristina Hockley

Whistler Mountain's name was inspired by the whistler marmot that frequents its rocky outcrops. The resort is located just an hour and half north of Vancouver, BC along the Sea To Sky Highway.

Sep 2, 2005

Kyra and her kitty Nibenz

Miss Nibenz by ©Kristina Hockley

Look for Kyra and Miss Nibenz in the Autumn 2005 Edition of 'Bark' magazine!

Sep 1, 2005

Aug 29, 2005

Moth Folklore

Sphinx MothAlso known as the Hawk Moth and the Hummingbird Moth
photograph by ©Kristina Hockley

The Creator felt sorry for the first children when he realized that their destiny was to grow old and become wrinkled, fat, blind and weak. So he gathered beautiful colors from various sources, such as sunlight, leaves, flowers and the sky. These colors were put into a magical bag and presented to the children. When the children opened the bag, colored butterflies and moths flew out, enchanting them because they had never seen anything so beautiful.

The butterflies and moths also sang, which further delighted the children. However, the songbirds complained to the Creator because they were jealous that butterflies and moths were both beautiful and could sing like birds. Hence, the Creator withdrew their ability to sing. Now butterflies and moths are beautifully colored, but silent.

Even with out colour these moths are glorious in texture and pattern

'Offering' by ©Kristina Hockley

'Bumper Jam Lunch' by ©Kristina Hockley

'Bumper Jam Lunch II' by ©Kristina Hockley

Aug 24, 2005

Morning Stories on the Pond Bench

'Morning Stories' by ©Kristina Hockley

Patty Idler and her grand-daughter, Kyra Hogan enjoy time together telling stories and watching dragon flies hover over their pond in Grandforks.

Rain in the Kettle Valley

'Rain in the Kettle Valley' ©by Kristina Hockley

MacDonald Range

MacDonald Range on the BC side by ©Kristina Hockley

Crows Nest Wildlife : White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer in The Crows Nest Pass by ©Kristina Hockley

Side note: notice the velvet had not been rubbed off the deer's rack yet

Southern Alberta, West of Fort MacLeod

Southern Alberta by ©Kristina Hockley

Grandforks, BC

'Kettle Vally Fisherman' by ©Kristina Hockley

Aug 21, 2005

Self Potrait Sidewalk Art

©Kristina Hockley
Me, Autumn at Granville Island 2004

Potrait entered into Tips from the Top Floor 'self portait' contest.

Aug 15, 2005

Leah, a girl on the move...

A photograph by ©Kristina Hockley 2005

Osborne Village Angel, Manitoba

Saint Mary's on Osborne, Winnipeg

A Photograph by ©kristina Hockley 2005

Poles and Rails

Poles and Rails, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

West of Regina

West of Regina, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

Saskatchewan Roadside Fence

Prarie Hay

Prarie Hay, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

Saskatchewan Roadside

Saskatchewan Roadside, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

We travelled through the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan today. Beautiful patterns in the landscape that make this photographer gitty!

Matcha is a fetch expert!

Aug 7, 2005

Cousin Sandra and baby O

Cousin Sandra and baby O, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

Elbow River, Canada

Cousin Sandra and baby O

Cousin Sandra and baby O, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

Calgary, Alberta

Nana and Owen II

Nana and Owen II, originally uploaded by kristina Hockley.

My Nana she hasn't much time left but it's enough time to share with her newest grandchild, Owen. He coos and hums to Nana while she rests in her bed.

Jul 31, 2005

The Bats of Deas Island, BC

Deas Island Summer Evening looking Northwest

Deas Island - Greater Vancouver Regional Park

Ok so I didn't exactly get any steller shots of bats...they are fast creatures to capture. We had a great time though! GVRD Programs are well worth it.